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China magnet wire industry has a bright future

China magnet wire industry has a bright future Electromagnetic wire is widely used in electrical machinery, electrical equipment, household appliances, electronics, communications and transportation, etc. Direct services are transformers, reactors, relays, electrical appliances and other products.

China's Magnet Wire industry started late, but the market space is large, and the labor cost is low, so that the electromagnetic wire production enterprises have achieved rapid development. At this stage, manufacturers have introduced advanced equipment and technologies, and achieved technological breakthroughs through independent research and development, gradually narrowing the technological gap with advanced industrial countries. Large-scale power grid construction, mechanical and electrical industries, emerging industries led by household appliances, and high-tech industries dominated by electronic information, as well as economic globalization, have contributed to the continued rapid development of the domestic magnet wire industry. The electromagnetic wire market capacity and forecast in recent years are shown in the table below.

After China's accession to the WTO, along with the transfer of the world's manufacturing center and the emergence of China as the world's manufacturing center, the establishment of the status of the world's processing base, China's magnet wire is in a state of rapid development. In 1990, China's magnet wire production accounted for only 6.25% of the world's total production. In 2000, it increased to 15.37%, and in 2005 it increased to nearly 30.00%. In 2008, it exceeded 40% of the world's total production. Based on the current development momentum, it is expected that in 2013 China's magnet wire production will account for half of the global production, and China will become a veritable magnetron production and sales country.

China has now become the world’s largest country in electricity production, sales and use, and an export base. However, at present, there are many magnet wire manufacturers and they are small in size. At present, there are more than 7,000 electromagnetic wire production enterprises in China that can be counted, and the industry concentration is low. Even if the industry’s leading companies account for the entire market, the proportion is relatively low, and economies of scale are poor. The production and operation status of the major listed companies producing electromagnetic wire products are as follows:

1. Tongling Jingda: In 2010, the output of special magnet wire products was 120,933 tons and the sales volume was 118,467 tons. It is estimated that the company's magnet wire production in 2011 will be 130,200 tons. In 2010, the market share of the products was 6.20%.

2. City City Chase: In 2010, the company's enameled wire business output was 64,600 tons, and the sales volume was 66,200 tons. The market share of the product was 3.46%. 3. Rongsheng Supermicro, the annual production and sales volume of the company's two major micro enameled wire products (regular line and self-adhesive line) exceeded 10,000 tons in 2010, and the market share of the product is approximately 0.53%.

4. The market share of electromagnetic wire in 2010 is about 0.50%.

At the same time, transnational magnet wire companies have rushed to share the Chinese market, invest in factories, and aggravated the competition in the domestic magnet wire market. The domestic magnet wire industry is a completely competitive industry, producing as many as several thousand enameled wire manufacturers, but there are no more than ten "competitive magnet wire" companies with competitive capabilities. The number is small, the technology is low, and the industry development is unbalanced. The main characteristics of the current magnet wire industry. The supply of low-end products in the industry is in excess of demand, the supply of high-end products is insufficient, and the structural level needs to be improved.

Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu are the three provinces with the most concentrated electromagnetic wire production companies in China. The total number of these three provinces exceeds 50% of the national total. In addition to these three provinces, Shanghai, Hebei, Shandong and Liaoning provinces also have a large number of magnet wire companies.

At present, after years of development, the magnetic wire industry in foreign industrialized countries has advanced research and development and technology. Large-scale enterprises in the industry are mainly concentrated in North America, Japan, Western Europe and other countries, and several large transnational electromagnetic wires have been formed. Orderly competition in the market. In addition, along with manufacturing to reduce manufacturing costs, transnational magnet wire companies have rushed to share the Chinese market, invest in factories, and aggravated competition in the domestic magnet wire market.

The magnetic wire industry competition has expanded from the production field to the sales field. The market's competitive pattern has shifted from the more disorderly homogenous and extensive competition to the brand competition dominated by technological advantages and characteristics, and the upgrading of competition must be accompanied by the industry. Adjustment. China's cable industry has entered a period of transition, excess capacity, competition in the cable market, brand competition; the use of information networks, the implementation of portfolio operations; the implementation of large-scale, intensive operations will be the future development trend of electromagnetic wire market competition.

In terms of technological development, the 1980s was a watershed for the development of electromagnetic wire technology. Prior to this, the international magnet wire technology and production were mainly based on enameled wires. Subsequently, along with the development of electromagnetic wire applications and the improvement of technical requirements, foreign countries The development of magnetic wire products has gradually evolved to the development of magnet wire products led by enameled wire. From the research and development of new varieties with higher heat resistance to product structure and coating structure innovation, in order to improve the performance level of wire and develop The new function and the purpose of improving the processing characteristics, thereby more quickly adapting to changes in market demand.

The special magnet wire is a very important direction for the future industry development. In the newly released “Guidance Catalogue for Industrial Structure Adjustment (2011 Edition)”, although wire and cable manufacturing projects are still restricted products, they are used for new energy, Except for special wires and cables in the fields of information industry, aerospace, rail transportation, and ocean engineering. The development of special wire and cable is still one of the development directions approved by the state, such as high-voltage, ultra-high voltage, UHV transformer magnet wire, etc., including: high pressure and corona (to prevent high-voltage pulse corona breakdown insulation layer), since Lubrication and friction resistance (High surface strength of insulating layer, high smoothness, static friction coefficient μ<0.04, prevention of damage to insulation layer, convenient winding and assembly), high groove fullness rate (increase the space utilization ratio of transposed conductors, control of transformer size and weight) Self-adhesive (after heating, the insulating layers can adhere to each other and fix the coil winding). However, domestic manufacturers are still unable to meet the above market demand.

Conducting R&D and manufacturing of magnet wire products from the perspective of the insulation system is another important direction for future industry development. The insulation system of the motor can be divided into four major components: magnet wire, insulation tape, Insulating Paint, lead wire, and magnet wire as an important part of the insulation system. It needs to be compatible with other insulation materials and adapt to motors, especially large and medium-sized high-voltage motors. Insulation system development trend, the development of magnet wire products to meet the needs of the development of motor insulation system. For products with insulation structures and characteristics suitable for special occasions, including medium- and high-frequency winding wires, polyethylene-insulated nylon sheathed submersible motor windings, etc. The systematic development of magnet wire and the matching of insulation systems such as the overall motor help to improve the compatibility and operational efficiency of the entire system.

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