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How to buy copper wire?


The daily life is inseparable from the use of electricity. The quality of the wires is directly related to the safety of our electricity. Therefore, it is very important to purchase a good wire during the process of using electricity. There are many kinds of wires on the market, and there are many brands, but the better ones are generally copper core structures. How to choose a wire that you need in many copper core wires? The following small series will introduce you briefly. How to choose Copper Wire.

First, the purchase point of copper core wire - look at the packaging

See if there is a complete certificate in the package. The certificate should include complete information such as specifications, implementation scale, rated voltage, length, date, and factory name. Look at the "CCC" and production license number of China's national compulsory product certification; see if there is a quality system certification; see if the certificate is standardized; see if the trademark is printed on the wire, specifications, voltage, etc.

Second, copper core wire purchase points - check the wire size

Delineation in the relevant scales, the error of the length of the wire can not exceed 2%, and the diameter of the section should not exceed 0.02%. However, there are a large number of short-and-shrinking lengths in the market, and the phenomenon of falsification on the cross-section.

Third, the purchase point of copper core wire - see the color of copper

The copper core of the qualified copper core wire should be purple, shiny and soft to the touch. The fake copper core copper core is purple, yellow or white.

Fourth, copper core wire purchase points - see insulation rubber

The shoddy wire insulation layer looks very thick. In fact, it is mostly made of recycled plastic. As long as it is squeezed slightly, the extrusion will be white and powder will fall.

Five, copper core wire purchase points - see the wire weight

Good quality wires are generally within the defined weight range. For example, a commonly used plastic insulated single-strand copper core wire having a cross-sectional area of 1.5 mm 2 is 1.8 to 1.9 kg per 100 m.

Sixth, the purchase point of copper core wire - see the size of the wire core

A few cores generally refer to a cable. It refers to the presence of several insulated conductors inside the insulation sheath. Several of them are several cores. If there is no insulation between them, how many are counted as one core. Two cores refer to two insulated wires wrapped together, generally used in household electricity within 220V. There are two kinds of three cores, one is a two-phase three-wire system, one is a three-phase three-wire system, four cores are three-phase four-wire system, three fire wires, one neutral wire, and five cores are three-phase five-wire system.

Seven, copper core wire purchase points - see the brand

Big brands, the quality is relatively good. Therefore, when purchasing, it is best to choose a reputable brand product. Because only big brands will cherish their brand image and brand value, they will not make false propaganda, and they will pay more attention to quality and service.

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